EDI Outsourcing Managed Services

For businesses that prefer to outsource their EDI program.

Managed Services is the outsourcing of your EDI program to a third-party provider. Implementing and managing an EDI platform can be daunting for any organization. It requires access to a broad range of skills and capital investment in hardware and software. Many companies are now looking to integrate EDI with their back-office systems – such as ERP – which results in a demand for internal resources that few organizations can sustain.

Demonstration of EDI services being provided by a managed services provider.

Exploring a managed services approach to EDI becomes far more appealing. In fact, EDI outsourcing is more appealing than outsourcing in other areas of IT where it has long been accepted. The key reason for outsourcing is the reduction of cost of investing in your own infrastructure while ensuring that you have access to the right level of skills to deliver your required service. This is also true for EDI but, in this instance, there are other benefits:

  • You always have access to the latest technology, as the service provider’s business depends on ensuring it offers the most up-to-date facilities
  • As you are connecting with external systems, the provider facilitates the community enablement process as well as offering value-added services to enable you to trade worldwide
  • Increase business agility by giving you a means to quickly enter new markets and territories
  • Increase business productivity by delivering a new level of information about your performance and that of your supply chain and your business partners