EDI by Industry

EDI is used across many different industry sectors. It is applied to address many different business processes and industry challenges.

Over the last forty years numerous industry-specific document and communication standards have evolved, industry-specific associations and work groups have been established, and many private networks have been set up to meet the individual demands of different industry sectors.

The Automotive Industry

Just-in-Time and Lean Manufacturing have been at the heart of the automotive industry for some years. In addition, a growing OEM industry in developing parts of the world has led to increasingly global manufacturing process. EDI is key to automotive companies achieving these business objectives.
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The Financial Services Industry

The financial services industry relies on its ability to process accounts payable and receivable, as well as managing investments and loans on behalf of its customers, both retail and wholesale. For years, many of these processes were manual and paper intensive. EDI is changing all that.
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The High-Tech Industry

The high-tech value chain has become very complex, with many high-tech companies relying on external partners to help design and manufacture their products. Time to market can define the success of a high-tech company. EDI ensure the industry’s processes are as efficient as possible.
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The Retail Industry

One of the first sectors to fully embrace EDI technology, the retail industry is still at the forefront of using EDI to drive competitive advantage. For an early adopter, it has proved surprisingly cautious to the advent of new technologies, preferring to build upon the EDI infrastructures already in place.
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