Oracle Gateway

ADVOApplication Advice
ASNIShip Notice and Manifest
CATI Price and Sales Catalog
CDMOCredit Memo/Debit Memo
GASNOShip Notice and Manifest
GPOIPurchase Order (for Process Manufacturing)
GPOAOPurchase Order Acknowledgement (for Process Manufacturing)
MVSTOMovement Statistics
POIPurchase Order
POCIPurchase Order Change
POAOPurchase Order Acknowledgement
POCAOPurchase Order Acknowledgement
PSQIProduction Sequence
PYOPayment Order
RRQIResponse to Request for Quotation
SBNIShipment and Billing Notice
SPSIPlanning Schedule – Inbound
SPSOPlanning Schedule – Outbound
SSSI Shipping Schedule – Inbound
SSSOShipping Schedule – Outbound

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