VDA EDI Document Standard

VDA develops standards and best practices to serve the needs of companies within the German automotive industry. The VDA has developed over thirty messages to meet the need of companies such as VW, Audi, Bosch, Continental and Daimler AG.

A list of VDA document standards is provided below:

4902Transport Label Barcode-enabled incl. VDA 4913
4905Call off
4905/2Call off – Delivery Instruction (Odette Message DELINS)
4907Remittance Advice
4908Credit Advice
4912Delivery Note incl. VDA 4913
4913Delivery Note
4914Odette specification for file transfer
4915Detailed Call Off (JIT)
4916Call Off Just-in-sequence
4918Vehicle Identification and Transport Data
4919Vehicle Arrival and Departure Notification
4920Forwarding Instruction
4921Delivery Data
4922Forwarding Instruction incl. VDA 4913
4923Enquiry (Odette Message ENQIRY)
4924Offer/Quotation (Odette Message OFFERR)
4925Purchase Order
4926Acknowledgement of Order (Odette Message REPORD)
4927Equipment Statement and Equipment Movement
4929Delivery Note (Odette Message AVIEXP)
4932Invoice (Odette-Nachricht INVOIC)
4951Engineering Data Message (ENGDAT)
4970Delivery Forecast
4971Collection Order
4972Dispatch Note ex Works/Plant
4973Vehicle Arrival
4974Vehicle Departure
4975Change / Information Note
4976Change / Information Confirmation
4977Damage Note
4978Repair Start / End Note
4979Ready for Dispatch Note
4980Loading Instructions

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