Tradacoms EDI Document Standard

Tradacoms is an early standard for EDI and was primarily used in the UK retail sector. It was originally introduced in 1982 as an implementation of the UN/GTDI syntax, one of the precursors of EDIFACT and was maintained and extended by the UK Article Numbering Association, now called GS1 UK.

The standard is more or less obsolescent since the development of it effectively ceased in 1995 in favor of the EDIFACT EANCOM subsets. Despite this it has proved durable and the majority of the retail EDI traffic in the UK still uses it today. A list of Tradacoms document standards is provided below:

Application ReferenceMessage type
ACKHDR Acknowledgement
AVLHDR Availability Report
BTOHDR Book Trade Orders
PVUHDR Book Trade Price/Availability Update
CAKHDR Claims Acknowledgement
CLAHDR Claims Message
CORHDR Complex Order
CREHDR Credit Note
CREADV Credit Advice
CUSHDR Customer Information
DEBADV Debit Advice
DLCHDR Delivery Confirmation
DELHDR Delivery Notice
DYEHDR Dye Instruction
GENHDR General Communication
HSOHDR Home Shopping Orders
INVFIL Invoice
LPRHDR Location Planning Report
PICHDR Picking Instruction
ORDHDR Purchase Order
PAYORD Payment Order
PRIHDR Price Information
PROHDR Product Information
PPRHDR Product Planning Report
RDAHDR Retailer Database
RDBHDR Retail B, 1-4 Retailer Database
RIFHDR Retail Issues File
SADHDR Stock Adjustment
SNPSTS Stock Snapshot
SRMHDR Statement & Remittance Details
SORDET Supply and Returns Details
SORDAY Supply and Returns Summary
SRSHDR Supply and Returns Summary
RIFHDR Retail Issues File
UCNHDR Uplift Confirmation
UPLHDR Uplift Instruction
UTLHDR Utility Bill

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